Thursday, July 07, 2005

Warning: Semi-political crime rant content ahead!

• Child molesters should get automatic life sentences or death… period. Only judges with children should be allowed to preside over molestation cases, and bail should only be offered if the offender volunteers for surgical castration (which should be done anyway). Any parole will be spent at the judge’s home with his children/grandchildren. Maybe then they’ll care about the rest of the world.

• The judge in Minnesota, the prosecutor, and the public defender should all be disbarred for allowing Joseph Duncan to be freed on bail. If ANY of them had been doing their jobs, four innocent people would still be alive and a little girl wouldn’t be traumatized for life. For those of you who are arguing for the public defender, I’d like to point out that DEFENDING THE PUBLIC should be his primary consideration.

• Why is Joseph Duncan still alive anyway? Can’t we just hand him a small-caliber gun and have the entire police force go Butch Cassidy on him?

• Sending your pretty teenaged daughter to Aruba for a high-school graduation bash with a bunch of drunken, party-crazy, bar-hopping teenagers is just one step below sending your prepubescent son to Neverland Ranch.

• Anyone still want to argue that we should negotiate a solution with Islamic extremists? You must not commute on public transit… or watch the news. Last I checked, there weren’t any military personnel on the London subways that were targeted, so the chickenshit terrorists decided to blow up innocent people just trying to get to their jobs. Real brave… Y’know, if they really believed in their cause and martyrdom, they’d launch a full frontal attack on the occupation forces, rather than these covert hit-and-run tactics on innocent civilians.


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Semi-political crime rant appreciated!
Good Blog... consider me a regular.


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