Friday, September 23, 2005

Teammate of the Year

Teammate of the Year

In a year of horrific team spirit, exemplified by the Terrell Owens’ and Kobe Bryants of the world, we have a new clubhouse leader.  Ladies and Gentlemen, Rafael Palmeiro.

Let’s recap.  Raffy goes in front of Congress, points his finger on cue, denies he EVER used steroids, tests positive for the same steroids, appeals the pending suspension, gets his 3000th hit, loses his appeal, looks like a jackass when the story breaks, and promptly hits about .200 when he returns.  Oh, then he comes down with a mysterious ailment that shelves him for the year.  

Somewhere in the middle of all this, he had time to try to throw Miguel Tejada under the bus, much like Kobe Bryant tried to throw Shaq last year.  The difference here was that Kobe was just trying to deflect criticism of his raping/womanizing behavior by trying to point out someone else who was allegedly a womanizer and got away with it.  Raffy basically ACCUSED a teammate of doping him without his knowledge.  Now, the league says that they followed up on these accusations, checked out Tejada’s vitamin shoppe, and came up empty.  Raffy is now the MLB equivalent of a prison stoolie who accuses the wrong guy.  Good luck getting picked up by anyone now, you chickenshit ratfink.

Oh, and those ten votes you had for the Hall of Fame just went bye-bye.

Poker Update
  • 2nd last night for +$65.  Now I’m up almost $300 playing nothing but those damn 18-seat SnGs on RiverStars.  And I’ve only played about ten of them so I guess my ROI is pretty good.  Nothing memorable to report.  Played my ABC game while I kinda watched Survivor and CSI.  When it got to head-to-head, I was down 7-1 in chips, doubled up once, lost with QJ vs. A-rag when an ace flopped.  Had a nice 4-outer chance for Broadway, but didn’t get it.  

  • Major battle looming against SCURVY this weekend in the blogger league.  Might come down to seeing which of the Indy receivers breaks out (I have Reggie, he has Marvin).  The Brady/Delhomme matchup is the other one that will probably decide whether Scurvy stays unbeaten.  According to Yahoo, the early line has my team as a 4-pt favorite.  Sounds about right.

Quick predictions
  • Buffalo/Atlanta – I predict LOW ratings.  17-14.  Who cares who wins?

  • Cincinnati/Chicago – I was first on the Cincy offensive train.  I’m staying.  27-13.

  • Jax/NYJets – Johnny Hector and Freeman McNeil have been called back.  So has Ken O’Brien.  Jags 16-10.

  • Oakland/Philly – Moss and TO.  Battle of the Egos isn’t nearly as important as the Battle of the QBs.  Donovan > Kerry 27-20.

  • Tennessee/St Louis – BIG win for the Rams, but late TDs for the Titans to make the final score close.  31-24.

  • Carolina/Miami – Classic letdown game for Carolina, but the Fish aren’t good enough to capitalize.  23-13.

  • Claveland/Indy – Anyone else think that Peyton is tired from flying back and forth shuttling supplies?  Time for a loud statement from the offense 34-7.

  • New Orleans/Minnesota – Can Daunte have three bad games in row?  Ordinarily, I’d say “No”, but his receivers are Ahmad Rashad and Sammy White.  The Saints showed some weapons in the loss, they just showed more mistakes too.  34-21 Saints.

  • Tampa Bay/Green Bay – Bay of Pigs.  21-10 Tampa.  Brett is done.  Bring on Aaron!

  • Dallas/SF – Remember when this was the Game of the Year?  Now it’s just another stinker with the 7th broadcast team.  27-17 Pokes.  And I still hate them.

  • Arizona/Seattle – What happened to all those shitbrains who predicted a resurgence in the desert?  It’s Denny Green and Kurt Warner and it isn’t 1999.  They’re NOT GOOD.  30-19 Seahawks.

  • New England/Pittsburgh – Ahh, now this is the Game of the Year.  Or at least so far.  Can the Pats go 1-2?  Will the Sports Guy blow an aneurysm?  Yes, and I hope not.  Home crowd might have an effect.  I just get the feeling that it’s coming down to a kick and the Pats have the best clutch kicker ever.  23-20.

  • NY Giants/San Diego – Time for San Diego to put up or shut up.  LT left.  LT right.  LT up the middle.  LT in the endzone.  24-10.

  • Kansas City/Denver – If Jake Plummer makes no turnovers, Denver by 4.  Each turnover is +7 for Kansas City.  I say he makes two.  30-20 Chiefs.


At 7:53 PM, Blogger skitch said...

Nice call on the Pats/Steelers game!!! And you were close on the Seahawks game... just gave the last TD to the wrong team!

I'll keep an eye on your picks/scores and maybe put a couple bucks down... :)


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