Friday, October 28, 2005

Are you talkin' to me?

Not the first time it’s happened, but for some reason, it seems to be lingering with me today.

Someone called me a “%^$&^$# donkey” last night.  

Now, it’s not lingering with me in a bust-out-crying kind of way, but more in a vindictive, gonna-bury-you-if-I-get-a-chance way.  See, I was shortstacked in the BB fairly late in one of my silly $25+2 SnGs with maybe 5xBB left, so maybe one or two circuits max.  I think there were five or six left, so we’re closing in on the money.  UTG raises 3xBB which was SOP for this group and the big stacked button kicks it up all-in.  I have 97s and figure that it’s a good chance to almost triple up with live cards, so I call all-in.  UTG folds, and I see that I’m up against pocket Kings.  Oops.  Flop is 77x for the miracle set, and the non-King turn and river slides me the pot.  

“What a donkey”, “Stupid ^&%$*%$ play”, “Idiot” are three of the choicer comments from the button.  Oh, what the hell, his PokerStars ID is Dad57.  No sense protecting the jackass.  I don’t feel particularly compelled to respond in the chat box, though I was pretty sure I was right in calling, given the odds I seemed to be getting.  Of course, that was assuming I was against overcards and not an overpair, but them’s the breaks.  Anyway, he ranted on and on.  I think he was trying to bait me into a debate.  Either that or he just thought that his opinion mattered to me…  

Later, when we were in all in the money (four left), I was still shortstacked compared to the blinds when I get K9s in the BB with 33% of my stack in the pot already.  A raise from Dad57 on the button, and the SB kicked all-in.  I’m figuring the button for a steal or an Ax and the SB for a small pair or big Ace.  Quickly computing the pot odds on my toes, I figured WTF and called.  Turns out I was almost right.  Dad57 had AQs, and the SB had QQ.  [NOTE: just checked the CardPlayer calculator, I was around 25% to win, so I was getting good odds on my call]  Anyway, the flop is KKx with two of his suit, setting off another stream of insults and cursing from Dad57.  Now this is the part that kills me…  When he rivers his flush (against 5-1 odds), he continues to berate me for my play.  This leads me to following conclusions:

1. He’s a dick
2. He knows very little about pot odds or tournament odds or WTF odds
3. He’s a dick
4. I must break him.

[Research note: he plays MTT on PokerStars, and has placed in three during the past ten months.  On a side note, pokerdb has me with a whopping ONE data point from PokerStars.  Apparently, this hack db only has MTT and not SnG results.  Cool.]

I really need to work on my anger issues.  Sorry to bore you with my vigilante plans.  Pay no attention.  Just step around the body when you come across it.


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