Monday, December 19, 2005


First off, I told you so about the Bengals.  Gotta get that in.

A truly remarkable weekend.  I lost both of my semi-final FFL games, leaving me with absolutely nothing to root for during the last two weeks of the year.  I’m even hoping that the 49ers lose (Reggie Bush Bowl, January 1st…  Be there!).

Bled through the pocket change at PokerStars.  After withdrawing a big chunk to Neteller, I had left just enough for a couple of penny-ante (well, $6.50) SnGs which clunked to the ground.  I think I have $.40 now, so the next time they have a $.25+.15 tournament, I’ll play again.

Funny thing is….  I’m on a bit of a tear at FullTilt.  Won two straight $20+2 and cashed a $30+3 over the weekend to bump my bankroll there to its highest level ever.  One of the $20 wins was from the Torrance Marriott Courtyard on Saturday night.  My brother-in-law turned 60 and my wife’s family threw a big bash in SoCal on Saturday.  Of course, since he turned 60, he left early in the evening, and a bunch of us went out to see “The Chronicles of Narnia”  [Side note: very good, very entertaining flick].  After a late dinner at Steve’s, home of the tastiest, greasiest chili fries and tacos in the world, the wife and kids crashed as soon as we got back to the hotel, leaving me to fire up FTP in search of some late-night entertainment.  

A lot of people have been talking about aggression, but I’ve never paid much heed, preferring my tight-weak nut-peddling style.  It’s been reasonably successful, but not wildly so, and it’s been very low-risk.  Well, that kind of shit doesn’t pay at FTP, where the name of the game is aggression.  And I may finally be adjusting to the different table dynamic.  Nut peddling is fine if you have a table with primarily calling stations, and you can get them to call down your nut flush with middle pair, or if they bet the minimum on the turn, giving up 10-1 pot odds.  FullTilt  typically features 3xBB preflop raises on every hand, and minimum half-pot bets postflop, meaning you better be ready to “bet it like you got it” or take some short odds on your draws or you’ll be blinded to death.

Two possibilities: the players are drunk or weak at midnight PST on Saturday OR I may be learning to adjust to the higher aggression factor.  Or both.  Oh well, as long as I’m staying profitable…

For now, my only place of play will be the FTP SnGs.  Once we hit January, I will probably try some of the MTT and the bigger payouts since I’ll have more time to spend at the computer.  


At 1:15 PM, Blogger BG said...

You should try nut peddling at PLO. I sat $50PLO last night, folded an awful lot, and pushed only when I was almost absolutely sure I had the best of it, and ended up +$130. Beautiful.

At 11:16 AM, Blogger mcSey said...

"The Cincinnati Bengals make the playoffs for first time since they sucked in Tecmo Bowl." headline on the game;)


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