Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Happy 666 everyone!

And I’m not sure why people are acting like this is the Apocalypse… Even if you go purely on the (translated) biblical verse, it just says “let him who has understanding reckon the number of the beast, for it is a human number, its number is six hundred and sixty-six. “ It doesn’t say “the beast’s birthday is 666” or “the beast’s address is 666” or even that “the beast’s birthmark is 666”. It’s just his freakin’ lucky number! Don’t you have a lucky number?

Speaking of lucky numbers, I won a Party SnG by getting pocket kings… FOUR TIMES. Hell, my son could win a SnG if he got pocket kings four times. Each time they won a small pot because my 3xBB raise either took it down preflop or my ½ pot continuation bet took it after the flop. If the bad beat jackpot is still running tonight, I may try those tables, though I hate limit and $2/4 is a little steep for me. It’s a freeroll at Party, and I’m over $60, so what the hell…

I’m actually on a bit of a mini-run, cashing in five straight SnGs splitting time between Full Tilt, Stars, and Party. I lost one a couple of days ago on a sparkling two-outer when we were head-to-head. J9 hit the J93 flop hard. Pocket fives pushed after I offered a tentative looking min bet. I insta-called and lost when a five hit the river. That was a $50 card since it was a $25 SnG. Lovely.

I’m still tied with Michelle Wie for US Open Sectional Qualifiers and LPGA victories. She just has a better agent and publicist. And bank account.

I wonder if Livan Hernandez will be one of the pallbearers at Eric Gregg’s funeral.

That “speed poker” crap on FSN is ridiculous, though it was fun to watch the crayon-eating Tiltboy Perry Friedman get sucked out for the $25K. Some of the people that make the TV shows are horrible, horrible players. This African-American lady was playing this weekend and was probably the worst player I’ve seen on TV… ever. She made Kathy Najimy look like Kathy Liebert. It appears that Mansionpoker.net is the Special Olympics of online poker. You might win, but you’re still retarded.

Kiss a spawn of the devil today!


At 12:26 PM, Blogger FreeThinker said...

6-6-06. This is fun, but in a make-fun-of-the-superstitious-people kind of way. Of course, there's no such thing as gods, demons, angels, ghosts, et cetera.

At 7:38 AM, Blogger mcSey said...

So you're 0-2 in Open qualifiers (and only missed qualifying by 4 strokes) and you managed to get your LPGA tour card by the time you were 16? That's pretty impressive.


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