Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Ha! I lied yesterday. I popped onto Party just to see how much money I really had there and found $12 and change waiting like money in the sofa. So I did what any self-respecting card-playing donkey would do… I joined a $6 SnG.

And won. One of these days I’ll learn to just stay the hell away.

This was a beaut too. When we got to the final three and the 300/600 level, I had a minor hill to climb. I had 935 chips, not so good when the other two guys had 6,745 and 12,920. I chopped my first all-in with A3 against A4 when the river paired aces, negating the kicker issues. I folded one garbage hand before auto-pushing with K3 and tripling up when I tripped treys against A8 (one of the schmucks folded to a bet into the empty sidepot by the other schmuck… ahh, Party).

With over 4K in chips, I could be a little more patient, especially when I had already determined that the other two guys had NFI how to play the fold-or-push stages of a SnG. So I chip down to 2400 before picking up AQs in SB with blinds at 400/800/25. After the button limped in, I insta-pushed and…. Nothing. “Connection lost” was all that Party would tell me. I didn’t even know if it accepted my insta-push! I debated a quick reboot, but the system re-connected fairly quickly and I only missed one other hand. I won my push (obviously) and was rewarded with 6500 chips on my return. I immediately requested the hand history for the hand I missed and it turns out I was called by KTo. We both missed the JJ954 board and my Ace carried the day. The other hand I missed was AJo, which would’ve won as well. Oh well….

Woo hoo, now I'm up over $30 at Party! I'm ready for the big time ($11 SnG)!


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