Monday, August 28, 2006

Start of the week, start of the school year, right after the Emmys thoughts:

- Evangeline Freakin’ Lilly. Holy hotness!

- Katherine Heigl looks to have, um, grown since the season finale of “Gray’s Anatomy”. My wife said “She must have just bought those boobs and wants to show them off”. I was applauding while my wife was giving me dirty looks.

- The Dick Clark tribute was cool right up until the time when he showed up on stage, almost incomprehensible because of the stroke. That really shook me up, because if Dick Clark is aging, what hope is there for the rest of us?

- And by having Simon Cowell introduce him, are they saying the TV mogul torch is being passed? Can you imagine Dick Clark being booed?

- The Aaron Spelling tribute was equally cool. I would’ve preferred to see more scenes from “Charlie’s Angels” and “90210”, his two signature (and historically iconic) shows, but the bonus of seeing the now elderly Angels troop out onto the stage was pretty nice nonetheless. Kate Jackson has aged well. So has Jaclyn Smith, though she must be using botox to look like that. Farrah… well, Farrah looked used, and her comments sounded almost coherent. I’m sure the producers had her in detox for the last week so her “speech” would be less slurred.

- Evangeline Freakin’ Lilly. I just wanted to say that again!

- I’m not sure I understand the fascination with Ellen Pompeo. Sure, if she was my doctor, she’d be hot. But compared to the Hollywood glitterati, she’s nothing special. Hell, Helen Mirren looked hotter.

- And I’m sick of the liberal fawning over the Daily Show. Have you noticed that it wins Emmys when it’s skewering a Republican President, but didn’t win shit when it was mocking Clinton? I hate liberals.

We’re going through our annual torture that comes with the first day of school (tomorrow). We’ve been trying to wake the kids up early to get their body clocks in tune with their schedule, we’ve been having “dry runs” so my daughter can get used to riding her bike to the middle school (big trauma since she walked two blocks to the elementary school), we’ve been running around buying school supplies since our kids seem to “forget” what they were told to bring. It’s basically been a fucking nightmare. Every. Single. Year.

Oh, Empire gave me some money this weekend. $15. Just handed it over. Desperate times over there… There are some stupid rules about taking it back if I don’t play raked hands within 10 days or something. Fuck ‘em. I played an $11 SnG and immediately came in 2nd, giving me some playing cash. I’ll play a couple more and try to build up my own little poker pyramid scheme. I’ll keep the blog updated with my progress. I’m up to $34. Not bad from ZERO.

This XM-radio thing is complicated. I’m probably going to go with the SkySomething2 doohickey with car kit and home kit. After reading up on it and talking to a friend that has it, I think it comes with a special decoder-type thingie that needs an antenna to pick up the satellite signal. If I have the decoder thingie in my car (and the antenna attached somewhere), I can play the signal through my cassette deck. If I have the decoder thingie in my house (and a different antenna attached somewhere else, pointing towards Antarctica or something), I can play the signal through my home stereo system. I think.

My first (and possibly only) fantasy football draft is this week. I have done NO research whatsoever. I bought a magazine yesterday, which will likely be the extent of my prep. I’m pretty sure that I won’t be picking any Bears, Raiders, Browns, or Vikings this year. Or any receivers with the initials T.O.


At 11:30 AM, Blogger Drizztdj said...

The days of the "exciting" Vikes offense are gone.

Williamson has the only legit shot at being a 1,000 yard receiver this year, mostly because Koren decided to play drunken bumper cars.


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