Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The doldrums have hit the poker blogging community. It’s gotten so bad that CJ/G-Rob are threatening idle bloggers with banishment from their blogrolls. So here I am.

It’s 113 degrees here. That’s one-one-three. I’m lucky I made it to my air-conditioned office without sticking in the asphalt tar pits of our parking lot like some ancient mastodon. People are freaking DYING from the heat because PG&E decided that shutting down parts of the grid was a good idea, forgetting that some people need their A/C and modems (and possibly insignificant shit like refrigeration and health monitoring devices) to live.

I’m still playing sporadic SnGs at FullTilt and Party. I even joined a HORSE SnG for the first time in weeks (came in 2nd). I’m still not a good poker player, just better than some of the low limit clowns that infest the poker sites. I still make dumb moves, like the day before yesterday when I pushed a baby flush (52) into an adult flush (Q4) when I was two from the money. I cleverly thought I was closing out the high flush draws, ignoring the fact that someone may have already had the flush. Ahh, that was money well spent.

Mrs. Commish is on a new kick; adding on to our house. Little side note for you non-Californians out there. Our house is a three-bedroom, two-bathroom model with a typical suburban ¼ acre lot, 1372 sq ft. We bought it eight years ago for $244K. The same model is currently selling for $700K+. We’ve made some minor remodels (kitchen dome lights, Corian countertops, new tile, shade structure in the back yard) over the years, but with the kids now 13 and 11, we probably need more room. We had an architect come by last night for some rough sketches and some general advice. Basically, he says that additions cost around $250/sq foot. We’re currently considering a new master bedroom/bathroom with walk-in closet (guess which one wants that), along with an expanded dining room. Total sq footage = around 400. Do the math. $100,000. Nice.

Maybe I should’ve kept that HORSE satellite seat….


At 12:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

$250/sqft!! That is larceny. I thought the $120/sqft that it is costing here in NJ was outrageous. For us, that represents about 150% markup. For you, with your laborer market, that is probably 400% markup. Insane.

At 8:16 AM, Blogger Drizztdj said...

I think $700K for ~1400 sq. feet is bad enough.

I got a 2300 sq. foot house plus a 1.5 acre lot (half wooded) for $230K.

AND we live in the suburbs.


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