Thursday, September 07, 2006

NFC Preview 2006

Quick poker hit before we move back to the NFL Preview show… Lost FIVE straight SnGs on Empire due to inattentive (and just plain bad) play. Got back on the gravy train by winning one yesterday to keep the bankroll respectable (> $175). Making almost $200 from a cash handout is roughly like what most bloggers are doing at Mansion with the infamous Pittsburgh hedge option fund.

Anyway, moving onto my fearless NFC Predictions:

East: I’m just not seeing why others are predicting a resurgence in Dallas. They have the most mentally fragile QB in the NFL, they have the most volatile WR in the NFL, and they have the least sympathetic coach in the NFL. Not a good combination. I’m also not seeing why people aren’t giving the Giants any love. Eli is getting better. They have a solid thunder-lightning combo at RB and a decent defense. Philly has Donovan and not a whole helluva lot else. Washington has a high payroll and not a whole helluva lot else.

New York Giants (10-6), Philly (9-7), Dallas (7-9), Washington (5-11)

Central: Who the hell cares? I mean, seriously, do you think any team here really deserves to be in the playoffs? The Bears have a defense and no offense. All this Grossman/Orton/Griese crap is just a smokescreen to hide the fact that they really don’t have much of anything, aside from the shittiest division this side of the NL West. Minnesota and Detroit will fight for second with likely sub-.500 records, and the rotting corpse of Brett Favre will lead the Packers to a richly deserved last place finish.

Chicago (10-6) mainly because they’ll go 5-1 in the division, Minnesota (7-9), Detroit (7-9), Green Bay (5-11)

South: Carolina will roll. I know Foster is injury-prone which makes the D’Angelo Williams pick brilliant. Delhomme is still underrated, and the Me-shawn pickup will prove to be shrewd as well. Atlanta is still waiting for Michael Vick to morph from Kordell to Donovan, but it ain’t happening, but they are good enough to contend for a wild card. Tampa Bay will be better, but relying on Chris Simms is dicey at best. New Orleans will be more exciting to watch with Reggie Bush, but still bring up the rear.

Carolina (13-3), Atlanta (10-6), Tampa Bay (8-8), New Orleans (7-9)

West: Eww. Seattle will win the division. They have the most stable offensive group, both in talent and health. St. Louis will be in the wild card hunt with the shucking of the Martz yoke. And forget all this hype around Arizona. They’ll be .500 at best. Quick, name a person on their defense… Uh-huh, didn’t think so. The 49ers will scrape out five wins at best. Fantasy sleeper here is Frank Gore. 1200 yds, 10 tds. 4 wins.

Seattle (11-5), St. Louis (10-6), Arizona (7-9), San Francisco (4-12)


Wildcards: St. Louis and Atlanta

NFC Championship: Carolina vs. New York Giants


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