Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Ah, Empire… Recap time: They hand me $15 for, uh, nothing. They have rules about cash out. I ignore rules, try to run up money in SnGs.

I win. $62 now, and I’ve satisfied their betting requirements. Time to grow the Empire funds.

$15 - $11 SnG + $30 for second place = $34

$34 - $11 SnG (bad playing) = $23

$23 - $11 SnG + $50 for first place = $62

Since I’ve laid out $33 in stakes, I guess I’ve satisfied their cashout requirements because the money is showing up as unrestricted. Three days. And I’m up $62. I figure at this pace I’ll have $7500 in a year. And that’s just playing $11 SnGs. One per day. Suh-weet.


Oh, and to follow up my Heigl comments... A hint for you guys who have wives that complain when you ogle big breasts spilling out of blouse or dress:

Wife: You're so shallow, why do you always look at big boobs?
Me: If a guy walked by and had his dick hanging out, would you notice?
Wife: That's not the same thing!

Isn't it?


At 11:25 AM, Blogger Drizztdj said...

My wife usually beats me to the punch and will ask me "how long are you going to look?"

"As long as I'm not getting slapped"


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