Saturday, September 02, 2006

Sigh. More Empire goodness...

$90 - $11 SnG = $79

$79 - $11 SnG + 2nd place ($30) = $98

Now is where the fun starts

$98 - $11 SnG + 1st place ($50) = $137

$137 - $11 SnG + 1st place ($50) = $176

That's right, two straight wins and three straight cashes. I'm gonna write a book on "How to build a pathetic poker bankroll with free money". It'll be on the shelves somewhere next to "Pressure Poker". Meanwhile, Empire will probably see a cash-out very soon...

Anyway, bought the XM system last night, along with a new Sony home theater sound system. Cost me $402 at Best Buy and another $270+ for a two-year subscription. I've already decided that it's worth every penny. The entire family loves the setup and we've got some long car trips coming up where we'll be rocking along to Channel 46. Besides, it's only poker money.

Maybe I should title the book "How to use online poker to buy cool shit"...


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