Tuesday, October 03, 2006

OK, the run on the banks has begun. Most online poker players have begun pulling their cash out of the online sites, regardless of the Kevin Bacon “Animal House” exhortations to “Remain calm… All is well!”

I’m cashing out to the tune of about $1300, leaving pocket change (less than $50 each) at three sites; FullTilt, Empire, and Party. Oh, and I’m literally leaving pocket change (less than $.50 each) at PokerStars, Pacific, and UB. It’s ironic that all of this happens right when I get Mrs. Commish on board with the gambling aspects. I can see the correlation between the new law and my success though. If these fish are losing money to a hack like me, they must be losing TONS of money to better players. That can’t be good for their families and/or creditors.

Now, that doesn’t mean I agree with the new law. After all, these people should have a right to their addictions, just like alcoholics and Brett Favre. Lousy gamblers should have a right to gamble away their welfare checks and mortgage funds…just like I should have the right to take their money in a fair test of skill. I don’t think this law will pass scrutiny should it get to the Supreme Court, but that doesn’t mean I won’t cover my ass by pulling my money back.

Think about it, are they going to prohibit online paying for insurance policies too? After all, isn’t life insurance just betting on your death?

Anyway, IMed with the DonkeyPuncher last night. He’s cashing out about a grand as well, no doubt to prepare for the imminent DonkeyFoal that’s due to arrive this week. I threw up in my mouth as I bought a Chicago Bears infant outfit online and sent it for the little tyke. At least the boy is arriving in an up year for da Bearss… I’m not sure if I’ll be in the immediate loop once the DP becomes a daddy, but I’ll post it here as soon as I find out. Odds are that Jeff will be on the hospital’s wireless network anyway, blogging between huff-and-puff and $3/6 Hold’Em.


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