Monday, September 18, 2006

My how times have changed…

About a year or so ago, I had my hands full convincing my wife that online poker was NOT part of the slippery slope towards compulsive gambling; that it was instead a profitable avocation that paid for several home furnishings. Last night, I finished off a tidy little $20+2 SnG win by softplaying a turned second pair against an overpair. I pumped my fist and said “Yesssss!”. This brought my son over to see what happened.

Wife: “What happened now? Did he win a poker hand against some other idiot?”
Son: “He won a tournament! One hundred bucks!”
Wife: “Is that all? Why don’t you win some real money?! Why don’t you win enough for a plasma screen?!”
Me: “Do you want me to play bigger tournaments? Because I can…”
Wife: “No, just keep doing what you’re doing…”
Me: “Yesssss!”

Football News:

- Frank Gore. I told you so.

- OK, maybe I was wrong about the Panthers. And the Dolphins.

- Hmmm, Drew Brees takes over for Aaron Brooks in New Orleans. Aaron Brooks goes to Oakland. New Orleans is 2-0. Oakland is 0-2. Coincidence?

- And the Raiders deserve to be 0-6 for the way they’ve played their first two games. Bad beyond all measures of bad. Not only have they played badly, they’ve quit on their coach. In week TWO.

- Randy Moss makes TO look like Mother Theresa. At least TO tries.

- Big game this week for the 49ers. We’ll see if they’ll challenge 8-8 this year, or will be 4-12 with a bullet.

- Way to shit the bed, Golden domers. Brady Quinn, meet Ron Powlus. Ron Powlus, get back to work and change the oil filter in my car.

Other commentary

- Nothing against the people in the challenge, but you people suck at poker. Not just bad play, but stupid play.

- The Democratic Party has stooped to re-running ads that show Schwarzenegger stumping for President Bush in 2004. No policy statements, no plans for the future, basically saying “He likes Bush. If you hate Bush, you should hate him.” The only people dumber than the Democrats running the ads are the idiots who follow that logic and vote for Phil Phucking Angelides who will tax us back to the colonial days.

- I don’t know what type of voter info they provide in your state, but whenever I get the Voter Information packet prior to an election, I rarely read the propositions. Instead, I check out WHO wrote the “for” and “against” arguments and the financial impact reports and decide based on that. If it will cost ME money and it’s something I don’t care about, I’m against it. If the freakishly radical ACLU is for something, I’m pretty sure I’m against it. If Barbara Boxer is for something, again, I’m pretty sure I’m against it. And vice versa.


At 6:58 AM, Blogger mcSey said...

You of course realize the contradictory nature of your last two paragraphs, and that you've basically called yourself an "idiot".

At 8:48 AM, Blogger ToddCommish said...

OK, let me put it this way. The Democrats think everyone hates Bush (and Angelides has no good message upon which to hitch his wagon), so they try to tie the Republican candidate to Bush. If you don't recognize that as a party that is entirely bankrupt of original thought, you're an idiot.

In CA, the propositions all come with arguments for and against in the voter pamphlet. I've already identified idiots that stand for everything I'm against (mostly liberals, but some right-wing wackos too). If they believe that a law is good, then I'm pretty sure that it's bad.

In other words, stumping for a sitting president ain't the same as trying to change the laws under which we live. Arnold has passed some pretty anti-Bush-administration laws in CA. I can separate the two. Apparently you can't.


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