Monday, October 16, 2006

Wow, it’s been almost two weeks since my last post. I coulda sworn I posted something last week, but whatever.

Tomorrow is my birthday. Happy Birthday to me. 43, if anyone is counting. Feel free to transfer some poker funds to FTP to ToddCommish as a show of generosity.

Anyway, a lot has happened in the poker world since my last post. Party has pulled up stakes and completely bailed on the US market. Coincidentally, my Party/Empire stakes were zeroed out around the same time. Hmmmm…

FullTilt and PokerStars have been picking up the pieces from the Party blowup, offering some tasty reload and first deposit boni. I haven’t noticed a huge dropoff in the quality of play, but I’m in the shallow end anyway. Last night, I managed to get rivered on the bubble of a $20+2 SnG with JJ against some assclown with 33 who rivered his two-outer. Sigh.

Neteller is still operating and has been nice and fast about the bank transfers. No doubt, they see their long term future tied to cooperating with customers and not pissing anyone off. Mrs. Commish is now pissed at the anti-poker police cutting off this particular income stream. “Why are they trying to protect stupid people? If they want to lose money, we should let them.” Ahh, that’s my girl.

Special Halloween alert! The Jr. Commish wants to go out for Halloween as FLAVA FLAV! We’re gonna look into getting him a Viking hat complete with horns, a grill, and a giant clock to wear around his neck. We’re still waffling on the blackface, but if he goes through with it, I’ll post some pics. Significantly, Mrs. Commish has indicated her displeasure with the idea.

Some football thoughts:

The Oakland Raiders are on the clock….

The parallels between the 1980 49ers and the 2006 49ers are getting stronger. Good offense, 2nd year QB, shitty defense with a horrible secondary, lousy tackling. If the 49ers can make it to 6-10 and draft Ronnie Lott in the first round, I’ll be ready to pronounce them playoff contenders.

Troy Palomoluoluouo, get a haircut or tuck your hair in. Either way, quit your whining. You’re lucky LJ didn’t try to helicopter you. Freakin’ hippie.

Would there have been a full day of Sportscenter devoted to Cory Lidle if he was still on the Devil Rays? I say no.

Spice Girl update: If I could pick which one I want to be, I would pick the ugly one. Think about it, that way you could sit around and see the four good-looking ones (Posh, Sporty, Ginger, and my favorite, Baby) change in the dressing room, you get 20% of the money, and you wouldn’t have to sleep with guys. Win-win-win. You might even convince one of them to “experiment”…


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