Saturday, July 23, 2005

· Buy stock in Paula Creamer. While not in Annika Sorenstam’s league
golf-wise (no one really is), she has more than enough camera appeal and
personality to be a powerful force in the endorsement world, much more so
than the gawky, dog-faced Michele Wie. The fact that she’s from my current
hometown and was born in the same hospital as my kids has nothing to do with
- Me, 6/20/05

Now, Creamer just won the Evian Masters in France, beating Lorena Ochoa and Michele Wie by 8 shots. And watch, the headlines will all be "Wie almost wins tournament". I'm still baffled by the media fascination with Wie, a golfer with the body and face of a praying mantis... and NO wins.


At 8:44 AM, Blogger Donkeypuncher said...

Before you get hurt sucking yourself off, I'd like to remind you of one thing you wrote this spring:

It’s always fun to draft with a bunch of guys who are all from the same region (in this case, Chicago) because they all overvalue the Cubs, and make some spectacularly stupid hometown draft choices (Aramis Ramirez in the second, Carlos Zambrano in the third, Kerry Wood in the fifth, Derrek Lee and Corey Patterson in the eighth).

How do you like that Lee pick now?

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