Thursday, July 21, 2005

A fun quiz for all of you…

Match the union chief with the appropriate players union:

1. Gene Upshaw -------a. Major League Baseball
2. Bob Goodenow ------b. National Basketball Association
3. Billy Hunter ---------c. National Football League
4. Donald Fehr ---------d. National Hockey League

Answers: 1c, 2d, 3b, 4a. If you knew more than two, it proves how professional sports in this country have been completely fucked up by organized labor over the last thirty years.

OK, quiz part deux…

Match the union chief with his shining moment:

1. Gene Upshaw ----------a. Labor dispute in 1987 that accomplished nothing
2. Bob Goodenow ---------b. Labor dispute in 2004 that accomplished nothing
3. Billy Hunter ------------c. Labor dispute in 1998 that accomplished nothing
4. Donald Fehr ------------d. Labor dispute in 1994 that accomplished nothing

I admit, this was kind of a trick question, with the labor dispute directly across from the bozo who was the union stooge du jour. Also note that many disputes end up as lockouts (rather than strikes), where management preemptively shuts the doors on the players.

Now just one more… humor me, this will be the last one….

Match the union chief with his qualifications to speak for a union of millionaire athletes:

1. Gene Upshaw -------a. Hall-of-Fame offensive lineman
2. Bob Goodenow ------b. Lawyer, played with the Howe brothers
3. Billy Hunter ---------c. Lawyer, pardoned Patty Hearst
4. Donald Fehr ---------d. Lawyer, got Marvin Miller’s coffee

Gotcha, another trick question. None of them are qualified.


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