Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Right now, all poker sites seem to be gearing up for the WSOP dorkfest that is sure to bump up deposits by millions of dollars. It’ll be interesting to see whether they choose to wait for organic growth from the WSOP coverage or spend on bonus programs to try and lure newbies. My guess is that the picking will be pretty ripe next week when the televised coverage starts, and that you should be able to build your online funds simply by picking off that low-hanging fruit.

- Me, 7/6/05

Nice to know that I can be right about some things.

In the few days since the WSOP ended, play in the Party Poker $10 SnGs has been absolutely abhorrent, enabling me to cash in five of six and win two of those. I expect the trend to continue, if not accelerate, with the beginning of the televised, Chad-ified WSOP.

Remember, most WSOP newbie viewers will likely be trying these $10 SnGs to start, since they want the rush of pushing all-in at the “final table”, don’t want to commit a ton of money (I would guess the typical first deposit is $100), and aren’t stupid enough to pay the 20% vig of the $5+1 SnGs. They won’t be playing limit games (“Where’s the fun in that? I wanna push all-in!”), they certainly won’t be playing Omaha (“Now, let me get this straight… how many cards do I use from my hand?”), and they won’t be playing anything higher than $20 to start.

But I called DIBS, so if I’m already at a table, go find somewhere else to feed. Eh, most experienced poker players/bloggers have already progressed well beyond the wading pools of low-limit anyway…

Besides, I’m a firm believer in the Theory of Relativity as it applies to poker. Even if I’m an idiot (and I probably am), if I find a table with bigger idiots, I should be able to profit long-term. Hell, even if one or two are just as smart or smarter, and I get lucky once or twice, I can still win.

Oh, and a side note. RIP Montgomery Scott, Chief Engineering Officer, USS Enterprise.


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