Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Here’s a first for me. I’m playing a $30+3 HORSE SnG last night at FTP. I’m not paying attention to the chat box much as I putter along with an average stack. I win a small pot and I notice that one of the other players had commented on my play, “That guy always catches cards”. I responded “Who, me?” The guy to my left, Blujahz (I think) said “You’re in my notes. You always seem to get cards when you need them.”

Oh really!

Now, I took this as an open invitation to steal pots. Obviously, this guy thought I was a luckbox and took the time to advertise it to the others. So, I started betting every scare card like it filled my hand. Y’know what? It worked. I ended up 2nd because I double-bricked a killer draw in Stud-eight, but doubling my buy-in is OK with me.

For example, during one of the later LHE sections, I had 33 in SB. Cutoff raised after one player limped. I called, hoping to hit my set on the flop. Else, I could bail cheaply. Well, BB (blujahz) and the limper both called. Flop was J65, missing me completely. It got checked to the raiser who bet. I was getting 10-1 minimum with great implied odds, especially given that I was pretty sure the BB and limper would passively call or fold. So I called. Naturally, the turn was a three. I bet, knowing that he was more likely to raise me than call a check-raise. Sure enough, he raised and I three-bet. He called and the river Ace spiked. He was all-in after we capped it and I took down his AJ rivered two-pair with my set. Blujahz immediately started on the “See? I told you! He always gets what he needs!” Uh, yeah, whatever. I played the pot odds and they finally paid off for me.

Gee, do you think I’ll be exploiting this table image with these guys again?

Another time, I had J9/3 rainbow in Stud-eight. Two others called the bring-in with low door cards, so I figured I’d splash around and try to pair one of my hole cards. Next card was a suited 2 to match my door 3. It got checked around. 5th street was the ace of suit, giving me 32A suited on top and total garbage underneath. Blujahz bet with… I dunno, I didn’t even look at his cards. One guy called with a baby pair, and I fast-raised them. They both folded faster than the Raiders. I said “Good folds guys” just to let them know I had a monster.

I’ve never had a table image before. It might be fun…


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