Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Some random ramblings culled from the last couple of weeks:

- Turkey has no flavor. Next year, I’m gonna ask for a bucket of the Colonel’s finest, and see which one gets eaten fastest. I’m down with the mashed potatoes and stuffing and gravy, but dammit, I want flavor with my animal carcass!

- Michael Richards now has a career as a Harassment Awareness speaker, which is more than he had before he went on his ill-advised hate spiel. If you really want to hurt the guy, cut off his Seinfeld DVD royalties and force him to give his residuals from reruns to the United Negro College Fund.

- I keep trying to cash down at Full Tilt and PokerStars and keep winning to build it back up. Case in point, I get down to < $100 at FullTilt, I win a couple of SnGs, place in a couple more, and build up my roll to around $350. I cash out for $250 and leave $100 to play with. And I win a couple of SnGs (including a $50+5 HORSE), build it back over $300, cash out for $200 more, and am currently re-re-re-building it. All in November. I’ve followed a similar pattern in PokerStars (where SharkScope has me designated as a “shark”). Not sure why all my Tilt results aren’t showing up.

- Buying the kids a PS2 for Christmas, following my long-standing policy of buying a video game system when its replacement is released. First two games for the kids are Dance Revolution (for the girl) and Guitar Hero (for the boy). The tough thing is that I prefer playing sports (Madden, Tiger Woods) and FPS (Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six, Call of Duty, Medal of Honor) on the computer rather than the TV. I prefer to play video games on the TV (Mario, DK64, Zelda). I need to figure out what the best goofy games are for the PS2. Hell, I might even turn to ebay and buy ten or twenty at a time….

Political ranting! Caution!

- Nancy Pelosi has predictably steered the Democratic Party bandwagon into oncoming traffic by appointing bootlickers, felons, and cronies to the committee chairmanships, rather than actually promoting party leaders that would actually appeal to the electorate. You axed for it, you got it. Rudy Giuliani and John McCain thank you.

- What’s with this newfound fascination with Barack Obama? How many of these so-called “supporters” know anything about his history or background? I’ll bet that most of the mob is captivated by his personality and his youthful vigor, and don’t have the faintest frickin’ clue what this guy stands for. Idiots.

- Why isn’t there a third party that has any traction in this country? Both parties have distasteful platforms and terrible leadership. I honestly believe that the majority of people in the country would vote for someone who:

o Has a strategy for Iraq specifically, and the Middle East in general – Either economic sanctions, military containment, governmental intervention, or some combination… but a detailed description of what we will do and when it will be done. The administration’s position is “stay the course or we risk the collapse of the puppet leadership and the fundamentalists will regain control”. The Democrat’s position is “the administration is wrong”. Well, WTF should we do? I haven’t seen a single fricking SOLUTION from anyone that addresses the lack of Western-friendly leadership or the abundance of Western-hating terrorists in Iraq.

o Is pro-choice and pro-death penalty. Statistics show that the majority of voters are pro-choice and the majority of voters are pro-death penalty. The question is how much do the two groups intersect. The problem is that you have Bible Belters and bleeding hearts who will never agree and never change their minds, and these are the asshats that make up the leaderships of both major parties.

o Has a strategy to handle the three topics that affect voters the most: domestic security, taxes, and crime. Bonus points for an educational policy and/or an immigration policy. Here’s a clue though, the Republicans have the inside edge on all five of these.

- And I don’t get all of you whiners who are bitching about having the Feds tapping our phone lines. If they save ONE person from dying, it’s worth it. Because law-abiding citizens aren’t giving up anything. This isn’t a slippery slope here. This is a moment in time when lunatics want to kill Americans. DON’T YOU GET THAT?


Bad guy #1: Did you purchase the materials?
Bad guy #2: Yes, the bomb has been assembled.
Bad guy #1: Good, we will detonate the bomb at [:click:]

This interrupted, non-monitored call brought to you by the Democratic party. Enjoy your liberties. Dumbasses.

If the Feds want to hear who my son has a crush on, or what I think about the 49ers chances of making the playoffs, or my wife’s recipe for Jambalaya, FINE. Just stop the bad guys from blowing up the good guys.

- If you traveled over Thanksgiving or are planning to travel over Christmas/New Year’s, you should be glad that we have people tapping phones and torturing prisoners, because you are safer because of it. And neither of these methods started with this administration, so get your head out of the sand there. The internet-powered media is what fueled much of the outrage.

- And cut the crap about Gitmo. FDR created internment camps for US citizens during WWII and stole their property. But there weren’t blogs about it at the time. Nor did the media make a big deal about it. Why not? We were at war at the time.

- If you’re anti-Bush, fine. You have more than enough reasons to be. He’s a terrible public speaker, has no vision for the future, and doesn’t seem to know how to motivate worth a crap. He’s a lousy diplomat, has virtually no discernible skills, and isn’t very bright. He was also thrown into a crisis situation almost immediately, and has spent the majority of his time dealing with (his distorted view of) terrorism. Is the world worse off than it was five years ago? Probably, but that’s not all his fault. If you want to blame someone, blame OBL

- Are you personally worse off than you were five years ago as the result of something that GW did? Somehow, I doubt that.


At 2:42 PM, Blogger platkat said...

1. Flavor your turkey with cranberry sauce. Use the slurpy stuff from the can. Mmmmm...

2. I agree with you about Barack Obama. He's young, but has apparently found the time to write a book so you can find out exactly what he stands for. But yeah, I'm tired of watching everyone crawl up his ass.

3. I'm one of those anti-Bushies you speak of. I don't blame him for all my problems, but I am continually dismayed by how out-of-touch he is and his inability to even try to hide it. 2008 will be here not a moment too soon.

At 5:34 PM, Blogger DuggleBogey said...

- And I don’t get all of you whiners who are bitching about having the Feds tapping our phone lines. If they save ONE person from dying, it’s worth it. Because law-abiding citizens aren’t giving up anything. This isn’t a slippery slope here. This is a moment in time when lunatics want to kill Americans. DON’T YOU GET THAT?

This is the kind of childish and simplistic logic that is used to, say, make it illegal to deposit money into a poker account. If it prevents ONE person from gambling his house away, IT'S WORTH IT. DON'T YOU GET THAT?

Once they've taken away your privacy, everything else is pointless.


At 5:35 PM, Blogger DuggleBogey said...

P.S. Nobody is preventing the feds from tapping phone lines. All they are doing is requiring the people to follow the proper procedure.

At 6:15 PM, Blogger ToddCommish said...

Dugs, your argument is that your right to bet on online poker = someone else's right to blow up innocent people? That's seriously fucked-up reasoning and makes you a card-carrying liberal.

At 6:24 PM, Anonymous ZowieZ said...

Whoa... you need to quit listening to Rush. The election was just over a couple weeks ago -- the Dems can't turn the train wreck caused by the Repubs around quick. Sorry... too much damage has been done for that. Thank tour party for that.

Glad you have something to rant about though... however misinformed your rants may be. Unfortunately for you, there will be positive changes between now and the Presidential election that the Dems will be responsible for. Repubs had their chance and they royally screwed it up -- it'll take decades to fix the world problems they created.

Too bad for Amercia.

At 8:10 PM, Blogger ToddCommish said...

Ummm, I don't listen to Rush, and don't particularly agree with him on most issues. Apparently, liberals see the world as binary, ignoring the middle, which is the only explanation for bringing Rush into the discussion.

At 7:32 AM, Blogger DuggleBogey said...

I make a point, and you call names. Listen to Rush? You ARE Rush.

At 6:22 AM, Blogger mcSey said...

What dugs said, but more to the point you just said the guy that signed UIGEA hasn't harmed you personally. Harharrhahahahhahahaha!


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