Monday, December 18, 2006

Twas the week before Xmas...

Quick poker content: Full Tilt continues to be a profitable little site for me. Between HORSE SnGs and the 18-seat $20/30 SnGs, I've been steadily building (and withdrawing) funds at about a $200-300 per month basis. Wifey is totally on board with the poker now, though she is claiming domain over the funds because of some wife-imagined rule of "lost spousal time".

I satellited into the Sunday HORSE $40K tournament last week. Donked off my money in LHE to Michael Craig (yes, that Michael Craig) with a set on the turn that made his straight. I didn't put him on the straight initially and probably should have just check-called on the river after we capped it on the turn, but I brain-farted my way out in 20-something place.

- The 49ers are still alive for the NFC West title! Show of hands, who thought we'd be saying this after week 15?

- During the company Xmas party/casino night, I was shuffling my chips absently when someone commented "Watch that guy, he's a serious gambler." We had four guys openly counting into a four-deck shoe and all quadrupled our stakes. Of course, Karma dictated that we didn't win shit in the raffle, but it was a good opportunity to practice my card-counting and chip-shuffling.

- On the Dugglebogey/FTP snafu - Dugs is calling it a “hack”, which would imply that the system was compromised somehow to give someone access to his (relatively) meager account. In reality, this is a “leak”, similar to those laptop thefts where passwords and credit card information are pulled from a stolen computer. If he is using the same password for all his accounts (blogger, poker sites, porn, whatever), it’s likely that an admin or desk drone at one of those sites swiped the password.

- My kids are using "pwned" as a verb wayyyy too much (pronounced 'poned'). I guess the influence of the internet slang has reached the junior highs.


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